Vingli Pool Cover Reel Manual. Made of high quality abs, pvc, pur and eva, stable, sturdy and durable 2. Protects the cover when pool in use as well.

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel from

This pool vacuum can efficiently remove dirt, debris. Solar blanket storage system product manuals / installation instructions. It is the perfect solution for tent campers, van campers, rowers and travel trailers without bathrooms.

So Much Easier Than Cleaning, Folding And Storing The Old Way.

Effectively remove dirt, leaves, debris, bugs, etc 5. Vingli pool covers are suitable for pools from 12 feet to 22 feet, and suitable for pools of all shapes. Vingli pool cover reel set, 18ft solar pool cover swimming pool solar cover reel, pool cover reels for inground pools $139.96 $182.00

The Hand Crank Is Easy To Turn And Features A Locking Mechanism To Prevent The Cover From Unrolling When You Want To Leave It In Place.

Vingli pool cover reel is thick and relatively solid, the legs are stainless, the reel is aluminum, so nothing can rust, wheels are made of large full solid tires, so this reel will durable. If you are looking for a reel with a strong built, vingli pool cover is the most recommended choice. Solar blanket storage system product manuals / installation instructions.

Low Noise, Create A Quiet Operate Environment 4.

This pool vacuum can efficiently remove dirt, debris. Inground pools regardless of the shape. This swimming pool reel can slot in all form pool, however the width should inside 18ft.

Variance In Tube A Slots Of 1/16 Makes The Clip Fall Out.

Nova microdermabrasion swimming pool cover reel set. Be sure to clear the inside top rail of pool. If your product does not meet your needs during this period, please fill out the form to contact us and we will reply your email within 24 hours.

(See Fig A, B, C Above) • With Scissors Trim Blanket To Fit Shape Of Pool.

Larger contact area, can clean the swimming pool more quickly 3. Vingli pool cover reel set 18 feet pool solar cover reel. The reel is made of aluminum, so it will not rust, and the wheels are made of large solid tires, so the reel is durable and not easily blown down by the wind.


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