Service B1 Mercedes E350. If your fuel filter was changed, you should get 15,000km or more off it. I used this thread to negotiate my b service this morning.

Mercedes Benz B1 Service Amiee Wade from

Service b should check all service a items and more; For the newer c350 it might even be better you need to get the service schedules and see. How to reset service reminder light.

1) Turn Key To Position 2.

Service 2 service 3 service 8 service 12 other than the oil chan. 4) press and hold the same r button to view the service light, then, within 2 seconds, turn key to position 2. Mercedes b1 service simon light my mercedes a250 amg line youtube

This Is For Model Year 2009 And Newer.

3) turn key to off. This includes and oil and filter change, along with a. 2010 mercedes benz c300 service b1.

It Can Also Include Replacement Of The Spark Plugs, Air Filter, And Fuel Filter.

Please see service advisor for all 2015 mercedes benz a/b service specifics. My car is a e350 mercedes and it shows a d service needed, i have changed the oil two days ago. Cabin filters, spark plugs, brake pads, brake shoes, (i doubt that your model has those etc.

What Is B1 Service On 2012 C250 With Over 120,000.

2) press/release the r button to show the next service due light. I have a service b3 due on my 2011 e350 with 54,650 miles on the car. For the newer c350 it might even be better you need to get the service schedules and see.

The B Service First Visit Is At Approximately 20,000 Miles Or 1 Year After The Previous Service.

The exact time is determined by the vehicle's flexible service system. Inspection of:battery, check condition using a battery tester (and auxiliary battery if so equipped), brake fluid, brakes and traction control, inspect the brake pads, discs, lines and hoses cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion protection, lines and hoses, drive belt, flex disks, check fluids, any leaks at major components, any. 5) wait up to 10 second and the light will reset to show new service.


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