Minimum Wire Size For 150 Amp Service. He has a pretty good array. It’s advised that a licensed electrician should be used for work on any electrical project.

Minimum Wire Size For 150 Amp Service inspire referances from

200 amps #2/0 awg #4/0 awg: 100 amps x 83% = 83 amps. 20 amp breakers tend to need the 12 gauge copper wire for grounding.

Notes To The Table Above.

Depending on the length of the cable run, generally under 200′; I think it accounts for 30%. 200 amps #2/0 awg #4/0 awg:

Also 4/0 Al @ 75 Deg Maxed Out At 195A @ 150 Ft Will Only Have 5.8% Voltage Drop.

For 200 amp, you will want a wire size 250 kcmil. Select the type conductor wire material, the circuit voltage and the phase of the circuit. For 200 amp service entrance, less than 150' long, conduit shall be 3'.

175 Amps #1/0 Awg #3/0 Awg:

For limited loads of a single branch circuit, the service conductors shall have an ampacity of not less than 15 amperes. To make your a little easier for you, here are our top picks for these wire sizes: What size conduit is required for underground services?

Also Enter One Half Of The Total Length Of The Circuit.

100 amps x 83% = 83 amps. Service entry cable wire sizes for long runs: 110 amps #3 awg #1 awg:

125 Amps #2 Awg #1/0 Awg:

This is the minimum required service. Branch circuit wire sizes for long runs: Each wire size, or wire gauge (awg), has a maximum current limit that a wire can handle before damage occurs.

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