How To Witness To A Jehovah Witness. He would be sinning against jehovah god to entertain such a thought. Show him that you love and care about him despite disagreeing with him.

What To Say To Jehovah Witnesses At Your Door (JWs from

That passage outlines what a person needs to do to become a disciple of christ, which involves speaking, or bearing witness, about jehovah. But the jehovah’s witness’s new world translation renders the verse this way: In 2011 pastor joe schimmel had the pleasure of speaking with two jehovah’s witnesses who came to his door in the early morning hours one summer day.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Unable To Grasp The Significance Of Jesus’ Death And Why They Must Be Born Again In Order To Have Their Sins Forgiven.

The steps needed to become one of jehovah’s witnesses are described by jesus and can be found at matthew 28:19, 20. Realizing the extent of the authority the watchtower exerts over the minds of its followers, many christians have found that until a jehovah’s witness’ trust in the watchtower organization is broken, effective discussion of the real “truth” taught in the bible can be a futile experience for both the christian and the jehovah’s witness. They believe that jesus rules invisibly, from heaven, perceived only as a.

Let The Jehovah's Witness Really Stand In The Presence Of Jehovah God For The First Time In His Life.

Raymond franz is no different in telling what he knows about the jehovah’s witness faith. To give any serious consideration to your arguments in support of the trinity is simply unthinkable to the jw; 1) begin by reading with the jehovah’s witness from revelation 1:8.

Jehovah’s Witnesses (And Mormons) Are Dedicated To Sharing Their Faith.

Learn what the bible teaches. After giving a prepared introduction (usually about the sorry and frightening state of the world) your jw visitors will try to determine your religious background so they can decide. Passover, an annual festival, is why it’s celebrated once per year, as it originates on that day.

Don’t Waste Your Time Wrestling With Greek Grammar Neither Of You Understand.

According to tradition, the jewish holy day is celebrated on nisan 14, the lunisolar year. To place literature from the watchtower society in your hands so they can come back and discuss it with you. Must suffuse your whole being.

“I Am The Alpha And The Omega,” Says The Lord God, “Who Is, And Who Was, And Who Is To Come, The Almighty.”.

It’s not surprising that they always witness in pairs. This is a very good presentation on how to share the heart of the gospel with jehovah’s witnesses, mormons, muslims, and. But the jehovah’s witness’s new world translation renders the verse this way:

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