How To Replace A Storm Door Lock. There are many styles of storm doors. Angle lockcase and insert notch at top into slot and slide lockcase into the slot.

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If you are still having no joy with your lock, then you may be forced to replace it completely. With most storm door handle problems, the best fix is a quick and inexpensive replacement. Turn the screw under the door latch counterclockwise with a flathead screwdriver and remove it.[1] x research source put the screw somewhere safe because you'll have to screw it back in later.step 2, turn the key a quarter of the way.

You Can Purchase Either A Schlage® Or Kwikset® Key Cylinder Since They Are Interchangeable.

There are many styles of storm doors. We, at locktech24/7 cover repair of all type of storm door locks and door hardware. Note the orientation of the lockcase during dissassembly.

To Rekey Your Storm Door To Match Your Entry Door Schlage® Key Cylinder, A New Storm Door Key Cylinder Is Required.

Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it. How do you fix a storm door handle? You should measure and even take pictures of it to ensure that you purchase the right type when you go to the store and select the replacement.

Quick Change:remove Two 1/2” Screws That Retain Lock Case To Door Frame And Remove Lock Case.

Angle lockcase and insert notch at top into slot and slide lockcase into the slot. A storm door is very convenient when you want to open your front door, but still keeping your home locked. Install new lock body in door.

Take Care To Measure Carefully As Matching The Size Can Be Especially Problematic In Older Homes.

Remove the old broken door handle. If the spindles included with your replacement handle set are too long, you can cut them to length. For a few simple problems, though, you might not have to go that far.

How To Measure For A Storm Door Replacement.

Unscrew the lock from the door, and remove the locking mechanism. Before you get started replacing the storm door hardware, take a careful look at your current hardware. Measure the diameter of the holes currently cut out of your door so you can select a new door lock that fits those dimensions.


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