How To Play A Seagull Dulcimer. How to play stick dulcimer chords pt. Your right hand is in charge of strumming and plucking.

Seagull M4 Merlin Dulcimer in Satin Spruce from

I do it this way a lot. Part of what makes the seagull merlin (also called m4) an easy instrument to play is. I usually stick to this one and this one.

I'll Assume You Already Know How To Fret Pluck And Strum.

The instrument was called a merlin, and made by the seagull company. Recommended highly for beginners learning to play the dulcimer, the seagull merlin mahogany sg dulcimer guitar natural provides the users with an easy way to learn how to play the strings, tune and keep a song going. 2 watch how to play stick dulcimer chords lesson 1!

You Can Play The Dulcimer With Ease By Laying It Flat On Your Lap In A Comfortable Position.

How to play stick dulcimer chords pt. But this instrument is simple enough to play nursery rhymes, campfire songs, and more. I like that one a lot because then you can control the sustain on it by just simply.

The Seagull Merlin Was Developed As A Fun Instrument For Everyone To Pick Up And Learn.

Now that was all kind of theory stuff the way i like to play my chords. Then incrementally push your speed (tempo) up as you feel more comfortable. Note that the double string is treated as one in playing and tuning.

There's Other Ways To Play It, I Believe Here, No Sorry Wrong Fret.

That means you can put this on your car, play with the kids, or around the campfire for some extra fun time. [if you're still getting started learning, check out our seagull merlin lessons] now the tricky part that i want to point out to you is that because, on a seagull merlin you've got two upper strings, it's really hard to get those things tuned separate. That’s a skill you can learn, though it will just take longer than actually learning the seagull merlin.

I Do It This Way A Lot.

If you just hit all three strings open. The easiest ones are either to play the d chord this way, the one chord this way, or to play it this way so: The easy fret and string tuning combination means you can play all the primary chords of a scale with just one finger.

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