How To Do Sublimation On Dark Shirts. Trim your dye sub transfer to make it easier to line up with the htv; Lint roll the shirt where the image will go.

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Press the dye sub transfer onto the htv for 30 seconds at 380 f, then do a. It’s made to be applied to light and dark cotton or poly shirts, cotton/poly blends, even fleece! How to do sublimation on dark shirts.

30 Seconds At 350°F Using Medium Pressure.

Regular sublimation transfers must be applied to white polyester garments or poly coated hard substrates. The shirt should feel a little damp. Wash your dark shirts in cold water and dry them in the dryer for a few minutes before sublimating to make the colors last longer.

After It Is Done Washing, Place It In The Dryer As Normal.

Sublimate on a dark shirt with a light color; Then press the glitter htv heart at 320f for about 8. It is best to get it configured before you buy a printer.

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Iron the wrinkles out with low heat while covering with foil. Preheat the heat press to the temperature you set, adjust the pressing time and pressure appropriately, make the printed image face the fabric and start the pressing process. This week we're exploring more with sublimation!

The Sublimation Process Transfers Inks Onto Fabrics By Bonding The Dye With Polymers In The Transfer Material.

Press easyweed at 305 f for 3 seconds, then peel hot; You will need to cut a heart from the glitter htv and then print a sublimation heart of the same size that is mirrored. Trim your dye sub transfer to make it easier to line up with the htv;

Basically, The Result For The End User Would Be A Dark Colored Shirt, With The Important Caveat That They Would Be Able To See The Design Clearly.

Remove the heat press and peel off the transfer paper. It is not possible to sublimate onto cotton fabrics at all. Once the transfer is complete and cold, your sublimated black shirt is ready.


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