How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Earbuds To Laptop. Click troubleshooting on the left sidebar. Once your galaxy buds have been set up and paired, all you need to do is open the charging case and your devices will automatically connect.

🎧How to connect LG Bluetooth Headphones to Samsung Galaxy from

I connected the galaxy buds to my laptop (dell xps15 with windows 10). For example, galaxy buds live, galaxy buds pro, galaxy buds and galaxy buds+. On your windows pc or laptop, head to the settings menu (or press the windows key + i) and go to device > bluetooth & other devices.

You Can Pair The Galaxy Buds With A Windows 10 Machine By First Opening The Start Menu And Searching Bluetooth. Click Bluetooth And Other Device Settings (Alternatively, Go To Settings > Devices.

Now, all you need to do is open yt music or spotify, and listen to your favorite songs, or open netflix to stream. As long as your earbuds are in pairing mode as outlined in step 1, they should automatically appear at the bottom of the devices list underneath a thin gray bar. Open the galaxy buds plus’ lid to activate pairing mode.

Once Your Galaxy Buds Have Been Set Up And Paired, All You Need To Do Is Open The Charging Case And Your Devices Will Automatically Connect.

On your windows 10 pc or laptop, press the windows key + i together to open settings. Launch the windows 10 hardware and device troubleshooter. Close the case and the battery indicator should flash, indicating they're ready to pair.

Open The Galaxy Buds Case With The Earpieces Inside.

For example, galaxy buds live, galaxy buds pro, galaxy buds and galaxy buds+. Click add bluetooth or other device. Your computer will start to recognize your samsung galaxy buds.

Insert The Galaxy Buds Into Their Charging Case In The Proper Position.

They should default to this laptop when you turn them on again. As soon as your mac detects the buds, they will be available in the bluetooth menu. Go to settings > devices > bluetooth & other devices.

Wearing The Earbuds While Charging And Pressing/Holding Both Touchpads Will Enable Them To Pair.

Open the galaxy buds case with the galaxy buds inside and they’ll go into pairing mode automatically (even though there is no visual indication that they did). Search for device > bluetooth & other. This can be shortened even further by pressing windows key+k, which will open the connect panel directly.


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