Diy Laundry Table Over Washer And Dryer. Attach your 2×2 support pieces to the wall. Free plans for this over washer and dryer diy laundry table.

DIY Table Over Washer and Dryer Laundry Table Abbotts from

It's removable, looks great, and is perfect for folding laundry. I set the plywood back ¾” from the front of the leg, that’s ½” back from my rails. Minwax polyshades stain in the color of your choice (i used honey pine) paint (for the laundry sign on the top) carbon transfer paper.

To Build This, You Will Need Two Sheets Of 4′ X 8′ X ¾” Plywood.

This table slides right over our washer and dryer. This is the tutorial on how to install a countertop above a washer and dryer set with plywood with a laminate veneer. 😉 you can find more diy's from this laundry room by following this link too.

Organizing Your Laundry Room By Adding The Countertop Is A Must.

To make my new folding table i went to home depot with my measurements and had them cut all my pieces for me. And works as a laundry folding table too! Free plans for this over washer and dryer diy laundry table.

It’s A Great Place To Keep Everything Your Need To Do Laundry At Arms Length.

This simple build hides those ugly machines, adds extra style and organization. 7 white wood boards 1x6x8’s (for the table top) = $50.89. How to make a countertop over your washer and dryer i am not even going to make a “materials list” because it is really self explanatory and you can use whatever type wood you want to use… leftover pieces from other projects, 2x6s, 1x6s.

Our Laundry Room Makeover Is Complete And The Project That I’m Most Proud Of Has To Be The Diy Laundry Shelf Over The Washer And Dryer.

I love this easy to build diy table that goes over your washer and dryer, guys! It’s probably tied for the best change i made during my laundry room makeover. Screw them into studs or use anchors if you don’t meet up with studs.

We Are Able To Just Fit Our New Washer, Dryer, And Utility Tub On The Length Of The Wall With A Little Wiggle Room In Between.

We had already used that space as a landing area, the laundry shelf would make it feel more intentional. Make sure to set the new rail back ¼” from the front of the leg to match the top rail. The rail goes just below the plywood.


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