Discord App Icon Not Showing. These were some reasons behind the discord game activity not showing. Does it exists any fix for that?

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It used to work, now it doesn't. If the above methods didn’t work then it’s time to uninstall and reinstall the discord app. I searched for a few things to try to fix it but could only find info where peoples discord icon had completely disappeared from their taskbar/tray.

The Icon Usually Can Be Found On The Bottom Left Corner.

Click on the user settings (gear icon). This video is about how to fix discord messages not showing problem. Since hardware acceleration can be the culprit behind this issue, disabling this option is the logical thing to do.

I Thought It Would Just Fix Itself But It Hasn't Yet.

Run the local discord application. It looks the same in my taskbar. Follow these steps to clear it:

These Were Some Reasons Behind The Discord Game Activity Not Showing.

Incorrect display of icons in the list of windows apps. (there will be gray border) after that all your servers will pop up again! When it doesn’t start or shows up the grey screen, run the web version of discord and sign in.

If The Above Methods Didn’t Work Then It’s Time To Uninstall And Reinstall The Discord App.

This will most probably reset the account on the discord app and it should start running normally. When you will start discord and you will have only two icons of servers (your and one random) click and hold mouse button on that icon of random server and drag it to lower position. If you don’t connect spotify with your discord account, you will see the connecting the accounts option.

Does It Exists Any Fix For That?

On the app info page, go to storage and cache. Have an option that is either upload custom icon which will display on your profile, or an option that will say use application icon which will automatically take the icon from the app you have selected and use that as the icon shown on. Spotify not showing in discord on an ipad.

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